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About Us

As a culture comes to face its own mortality, it asks itself what comes after death. Most believe in an afterlife that offers paradise for the just and damnation for the wicked. A few cultures teach that if a life is ended unjustly, the victim's soul lingers among the living to exact retribution. Accounts of these spiritual creatures are as varied as the races that give them, but all agree that these beings are powerful, unwavering, and deadly. Lurking in the darkness, they bring death to the wicked and justice to the guilty.

These creatures are Wraiths.

Named for these mythical creatures, The Wraiths are the Galaxy's elite warriors. Not bound to any fixed home, they roam the Galaxy seeking the most difficult challenges, fighting for what they believe is right and defending the defenceless. Their nomadic nature makes them hard to measure, hard to find, and most of all hard to kill.   Wraiths use the finest equipment, wielding it with an expertise that makes them one with the tools of their trade. Capital ship commanders are rarely known to leave their ships, and fighter pilots fly their craft as extensions of their own bodies. The most elite Wraiths command the massive Sabaoth Destroyers and pilot the nimble Sabaoth Defenders. In the entire Galaxy, these top-of-the-line craft are available only to those who have proven themselves worthy of the name Wraith. Planet side, Wraiths lead massive armies of mercenaries and droids to fight larger enemy concentrations, seeking the most elite enemy warriors to fight personally. The Wraiths are set apart from other mercenaries because while they accept payment for their services it is only a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. A true warrior community, the Wraiths turn their fees toward maintaining their tools of war, constantly honing their edge. Wraiths are motivated by a drive to be the best, by the joy of battle, and by an imperative to stand with honour as the Galaxy's elite. This esprit de corps is best characterized by their motto: "Fortune Favours the Bold."

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